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Aktuelle Top 10 Releases (Stand: Oktober 2014):

Glen Porter: The Open Road and The Smell of Blood (Content (L)abel, 2014)
Panabrite: Pavilion (Immune, 2014)
Fulgeance & DJ Scientist: Moscow Nightlife (First Word Records, 2014)
Sage Francis: Copper Gone (Strange Famous Records, 2014)
Alias: Pitch Black Prism (Anticon., 2014)
Saltillo: Monocyte (Artoffact Records, 2012)
David Vangel: Breadth Control (Equinox Records, 2011)
UNKLE: Where Did the Night Fall (Surrender All, 2010)
Orbital: The Box (Internal, 1996)
Featurecast: Run For Cover (Jalapeno Records, 2012)
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