deadlists » top 10 lists 28.10.2014

Aktuelle Top 10 Releases (Stand: Oktober 2014):

Last Child: The Humble and Low EP (Galapagos4, 2011)
Tycho: Dive (Ghostly International, 2011)
Bike For Three!: So Much Forever (Fake Four Inc., 2014)
Storm Davis: Only Built 4 Cuban Sandwiches (Poorly Drawn People, 2014)
2econd Class Citizen: Small Minority (Equinox, 2012)
Factor and The Chandeliers EP (Fake Four Inc., 2011)
Swordplay and Pierre The Motionless: Tap Water (Dora Doravitch, 2013)
Open Mike Eagle: Dark Comedy (Mello Music Group, 2014)
Ecid: Warewolf Hologram (Fill In The Breaks, 2012)
Child Actor: Never Die (self released, 2014)