deadwords » interviews 28.02.2014
Cas One – Of Monsters And A Man

Some artists release an album every year. Others take their time. Is there a rule, that albums that take longer are better? With Cas One there sure is. His latest album “The Monster And The Wishing Well” from October 2013 took five years to finish and is simply breathtaking. We took the liberty to ask Cas One some questions and found out about the monsters, that accompanied him during five years. 

DEAD: Your album “The Monster And The Wishing Well” came out nearly half a year ago. Are you satisfied with the reception so far?

CAS ONE: I am for the most part. I have a really loyal base of people that listen to my music. I feel like I have relationships with a lot of my fans created by how personal my music is. That’s all I ever wanted. It’s gotten a pretty warm reception. It feels good that people felt like it was worth the wait.

DEAD: Describe “The Monster And The Wishing Well” in three words for us.

CAS ONE: Dark,honest and composed.

I was nervous. Really nervous.

DEAD: You started this project 5 years ago. How did it feel to finally bring it out there?

CAS ONE: Like I gave birth. I was nervous. Really nervous. I spent all this time with it locked up and chipped away at and then it was there. Ready to be judged. It was a relief though.


DEAD: In a youtube-video from 2009 you said that the album was starting to make its own style. How did the “The Monster And The Wishing Well” change and how did you as a musician change?

CAS ONE: I stopped making songs just to make songs. I started writing songs that I hope will always make sense to me. I lost my arrogance and changed it into experience and confidence.

DEAD: Were there times when you thought you would never finish the album?

CAS ONE: There were a lot of times. There were phone conversations with Eric (he produced 99% of it) where I would beg him for new music. There were times i deleted whole entire songs and rewrote everything. There were so many times i told myself I was going to quit and find something else to make me feel whole.

Writing makes me have something to look forward to

DEAD: You claim that you don’t have any particular influences when writing music. What does drive you to write songs and how do you approach it?

CAS ONE: Making things that other people relate to so that I feel like someone relates to me. Is that weird? I want things to look forward to. I feel like writing makes me have something to look forward to.


DEAD: You said once, that looking back and listening to “Flashbacks” from your first album “Liberation” makes you grind your teeth. Do you think that in a few years, looking back on “The Monster And The Wishing Well” you’ll be proud?

CAS ONE: There were songs on liberation I knew I shouldn’t put out. I wanted that song on there because it had Brother Ali on it. I was 19 when I wrote it and that song and the way I delivered just seems kind of Whiney to me now. I wouldn’t write that song that way anymore. I also don’t really have a personal relationship with Brother Ali and it feels corny to me now that I made a song that didn’t make much sense to his career. I just did it to have him on a song and I was a fan of his. I still think he’s dope but I don’t want to make songs with people to ride coattails you know what I mean? My new album i am confident that I will always be proud of. It’s what we wanted to make and it isn’t anyone’s compromise. All those songs were planned. I’m really happy with it.

DEAD: You are working on some songs with DJ Figure. When can we expect to hear some new songs from you?

CAS ONE: There’s one coming out really soon called infinite lives. We are working on a full album. No release date yet though!


DEAD: What are your future plans?

CAS ONE: I want to stay consistent and release a lot more material. No more long ass breaks. I’m going to wrap up this album with Figure before summer. We are working on more videos for The monster as well!

DEAD: Last question just for fun: If you could make a collaborative album with anyone, be it one person or a group of people, who would it be?

CAS ONE: Andre and Kendrick. I would be out of my league but you would hear me rapping through a gigantic smile.