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DJ Max Hausi

Aktuelle Top 10 Releases (Stand: Januar 2014):

Dark Time Sunshine: “ANX” (Fake Four Inc., 2012)
Sole: “Exhile EP” (self-released, 2007)
Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe: “Kidsuke” (Project Mooncircle, 2012)
Ancient Mith: “And The Dead Shall Lie There” (Dora Dorovitch, 2013)
Soap And Skin: “Narrow” (Play It Again Sam, 2012)
Qwel & Maker: “Beautiful Raw” (Galapagos 4, 2013)
2econd Class Citizen: “A World Without” (Equinox Records, 2009)
A Band Of Buriers: “Filth” (Decorative Stamp, 2012)
Genelec & Memphis Reigns: “Scorpion Circles” (HHI Rec, 2002)
Long Arm: “The Branches” (Project Mooncircle, 2011)