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Aktuelle Top Releases (Stand: September 2013):

Christoph Brandner:

Esg: “A South Bronx Story” (Universal Sound, 2000)
Cluster: “Sowiesoso” (Sky Records, 1976)
Györgi Ligeti: “Clear or Cloudy: Complete Recordings on Deutsche Grammophon” (Deutsche Grammophon, 2006)
Bobby Hutcherson: “In the Vanguard” (Landmark Records, 1987)
Charles Mingus: “Oh Yeah” (Atlantic Jazz, 1987)
Rolling Stones: “Their Satanic Majesties Request” (Decca, 1967)
Jan Jelinek: “Kosmischer Pitch” (~Scape, 2005)

Max Punktezahl:

Jon Hopkins: “Immunity” (Domino, 2013)
Pet Shop Boys: “Electric” (x2, 2013)
Noveller: “Glacial Glow” (Weird Forest Records, 2011)
The Pastels: “Slow Summits” (Domino, 2013)
King Geedora: “Take Me To Your Leader” (Big Dada Recordings, 2003)
Nuel: “Trance Mutation” (Further Records, 2011)
Andy Votel: “Music Minus Music” (Fat City, 2012)
Speck Mountain: “Summer Above” (Peacefrog Records, 2007)
The Mamas & The Papas: “People Like Us” (Abc/Dunhill Records, 1971)
Amiina: “The Lighthouse Project” (Sound of a Handshake, 2013)

Florian Zimmer:

Amanar: “Alghafiat” (Sahel Sound, 2012)
Seefeel: “Quique” (Too Pure, 1993)
Julia Holter: “Loud City Song” (Domino, 2013)
Miles: “Faint Hearted” (Modern Love, 2013)
Kaboom Karavan: “Hokus-Fokus” (Miasmah Recordings, 2013)
Koreless: ” Yugen” (Young Turks, 2013)
Patrick Vian: “Bruits Et Temps Analogue” (Staubgold, 2013)
Digable Planets: “Blowout Comb” (Attic Records Reprint, 2013)
Dean Blunt: “The Redeemer” (Hippos in Tanks/World Music, 2013)
GROUPSHOW: “Live at Skymall” (Staubgold, 2013)
Foto(s): Andy Rumball