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Knowsum (Sichtexot)

Aktuelle Top 10 Releases (Stand: August 2013):

Flying Lotus: “Until The Quiet Comes” (Warp, 2012)
Misel Quitno: “Sleep Over Pieces Vol. 1″ (Everest Records, 2007)
Dimlite: “My Human Wears Acedia Shreds” (Now-Again Records, 2011)
Gonjasufi: “A Sufi And A Killer” (Warp, 2010)
Madvillain: “Madvillainy” (Stones Throw Records, 2004)
Dimlite: “Abcission” (Ripl Music, 2012)
Long Arm: “The Branches” (Project: Mooncircle, 2011)
Flying Lotus: “Los Angeles” (Warp, 2008)
Fredrik Vahle: “Anne Kaffeekanne” (pläne, 1984)
Gil Scott-Heron: “Winter in America” (Pickwick, 2004)