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Scott Da Ros + Hermitofthewoods (Endemik)

Scott Da Ros’ aktuelle Top 5 Releases (Stand: Juni 2013):

Justin Timberlake: “The 20/20 Experience” (RCA, 2013)
Gambles: “Far From Your Arms” (GMBLS, 2013)
Art Vandaley: “Eye 8 The Crow” (Self Released, 2013)
Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge: “Twelve Reasons To Die” (Soul Temple Music, 2013)
Capital Steez: “AmeriKKKan Korruption” (Self Released, 2012)

Hermitofthewoods’ aktuelle Top 5 Releases (Stand: Juni 2013):

The Caravan: “The Caravan” (Self Released, 2013)
Rah-kleus: “Fire Walk With Me” (Self Released)
Josh Martinez: “The World Famous Sex Buffet” (Camobear Records, 2008)
Paper Beat Scissors: “Paper Beat Scissors” (Forward Music Group, 2012)
You’ll Never Get To Heaven: “You’ll Never Get To Heave” (Divorce Records, 2012)

Foto(s): Kyle Cunjak