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Moodie Black – Be authentic humans

Von den Wüsten Arizonas ausgehend weht ein frischer aber rauer und heftiger Wind über den Atlantik. Diesem verdanken wir Moodie Black, die mit ihrer Self Titled EP auf einige offene Ohren trafen. Moodie Black – das ist vor allen Dingen Frontmann und Sprachrohr K..  Begleitet wird dieser seit jeher von seinem Kollegen Sean Lindahl an der Gitarre, sowie dem erst kürzlich mit auf’s Schiff gepackte Drummer David Norbert. Ihr Debut-Album ist in Planung und soll, wie bereits die EP, über Fake Four Inc. auf den Markt gebracht werden. Diese Aussicht und ihre grandiose EP weckten das Verlangen, etwas mehr über die Noise Rap Formation zu erfahren. 

DEAD: Please introduce yourself to our lovely readers.

K.: I am K. of Moodie Black

DEAD: Almost a decade ago you started making music as GAHEDiNDIE.
What’s the difference between that moniker and the new one?

K.: Gahedindie was built in a time when I was very angry… I had a chip on my shoulder I felt like the world owed me something. It was immaturity and ego. Over the years I’ve worked on balancing myself. I’ve let the anger go. I’ve let the unhealthy ego go. At the same time I noticed other bands using “death” or “die” in their names. I started to see it as a gimmick, as contrived. Meanwhile the music I was making evolved from noise to more of a mood based swag. The signing with Fake Four Inc. afforded us the opportunity to rebrand the evolution of our group so we became Moodie Black.

DEAD: We heard MC Dälek on “Last Griot”. How important was the group Dälek for your own musical evolution?

K.: It’s weird because I didn’t dive into Dälek until I had already been creating noise and rap. When I listened to them I was blown away. This was about six or seven years ago. From the moment I got into them I put them in my dream list of musicians to work with. I was always afraid to reach out because I didn’t want them to think I was copping their style. One night on the Facebook Dälek posted about doing collabs. I hit him up not expecting anything and he got back right away. I sent him a beat and he had the whole song done the next day. Unfortunately the mix on that song that’s out sucks. The new version will be on the Deluxe EP we are releasing in May 2013. Dälek and I aren’t through making music… we have been talking about making an entire EP or album produced by me spit by him… with Fake Four Inc., hopefully.

DEAD: Your selftitled EP was released via Fake Four Inc. How did you guys get in touch with them?

K.: Sputnikmusic reviewed Sana Sana and the dude who reviewed it, Sohbi, tipped us off to them. I think I wrote Ceschi an email about opening a gig they had coming up in Minneapolis with him, Sole, and Louis Logic. Luckily he was intrigued by our stuff and let us open. I think seeing our live show helped Ceschi see we could bring it. Sole really took a liking to us and helped as well… and Louis. At the same time we were getting press in France and becoming much more visible. I think it was just a culmination of hard work and right place right time… Because we have perused all sorts of labels for years… Fake Four Inc. took the chance.

Moodie Black feature 1

DEAD: You’re also gonna release your first full length album as Moodie Black via Fake Four Inc. It will be called “NAUSEA”. Can you tell us anything about the sound and content we can expect?

K.: We have been doing this “noiserap” thing for a minute. It is interesting how it has just started to catch on as this new genre… however we have been dancing in other directions recently. The new album takes things into this big clean moodie atmosphere, draws on influences from labradford and Spacemen 3 to old Spritualized and even The Cure. The goal with Moodie Black is to try and take Rap places it’s never been, the Nausea record will do that… If I don’t fuck it up.

DEAD: You’ve been touring a lot recently. We also heard rumors, that you’ll be touring Europe this Summer. Are there any further informations or even affirmed venues you gonna play?

K.: Yeah. Our goal is to tour as much as possible. We did the Dark Time tour and in june we tour with Sole… then again with Sole in september. We signed with a French booking agency called Shabazz Ent. We are working out dates and some acts we want to go out with.

Moodie Black feature 2

DEAD: Anything left you want to tell our readers?

K.: Be authentic humans. Do what you Love to do. Contribute something to our earth, make a dent in the black that consumes us. You can do whatever you WANT to DO. And thanks to all the new believers in Moodie Black.

Enden wollten wir dieses Mal mit einem kleinen Spiel. Wir gaben K. den Anfang eines Satzes und er durfte daraus machen, was er wollte. Das kam dabei heraus:

Without Fake Four Inc… I wouldn’t have met and been connected with so many like minded, talented, passionate humans who I have the utmost respect for. Also, I think the music world needs Fake Four, they feel like a throw back to the 2000 era Indie Label… We haven’t seen shit yet in regards to where this label is headed. All hail Ceschi, and Fake Four.

Dälek is… authentic, legendary, ahead of his time, underrated. The greatest noiserap act of all time.

If a Hipster asks for the time… I’ll give it to them. Hipster Death is kind of a toungue in cheek play on the fact that some humans are less then authentic. Hipsters in large happen to be a great example of that. I do not mean literal death to human beings that happen to be hipsters, I mean I would like to see the IDEA of the hipster die… meaning strip yourself of yourself. Be Authentic. That said, in reality I have no hate for any human. We advocate for all races, lifestyle choice or anything related to these matters.