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The Chukchee (New Cocoon)

Aktuelle Top 10 Releases (Stand: April 2013)

Onidiom: C [カリストの] (Album: Unreleased)
Scatter Brain & V-Rock: Criminal Minded (Album: Madness & Murder)
Clams Casino: All I Need (Album: Mixtape Nr.1)
Sasha Go Hard: Tatted (Album: Do You Know Who I Am)
B.a.n.g.: I Wanna Be With You (Album: Eskimo)
Lil B: The Age Of Information (Album: Unreleased)
Yung Simmie: Florida Nigga Mentality (Album: G Funk Ressurection 1993-1995)
Dressed For the Dark: Two (Album: Selftitled/Unreleased)
Rob Mitchell: This Is All I Know (Album: Unreleased)
Haleek Maul & Supreme Cuts: 88 (Album: Chrome Lips)
Qreus: Everyones Super Hero (Album: Unreleased)