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deadnews 24.02.2013
Connect the Machine to the Map

Seit einiger Zeit schon geistert das Cover zu “Connect the Machine to the Map” in den Weiten sozialer Netzwerke umher.

Es handelt sich um ein Projekt, genauer gesagt eine Compilation vom französischen Label Dora Dorovitch in Zusammenarbeit mit Quixote R.P.M.

Genretechnisch ist die 24 Tracks starke Compilation “an underground vision of modern hip hop and shoegaze music“. Wir vom DEAD Magazine sind stolz das Ding mit präsentieren zu dürfen und gehören zu denjenigen, welche “Connect the Machine to the Map” exklusiv im Vorfeld zum Anhören bereitstellen dürfen.

Offizieller Release ist am 28. Februar 2013

“This a compilation.
A promo compilation but it’s not free.
It’s not free but it isn’t expensive.
5€, 5$, 5£… but you get 24 tracks. Do the math.

It’s not free because everything comes with a cost, even promotion, and even more artistic work. In fact, it’s more than a promotional compilation. It’s a tool, a connection interface, a propagation device for a profound and hybrid underground flow.

The booklet will show you the existing connections, whoever they are, whereever they come from, they often met, on tour or on tracks. Therefore their connections are active and real, way beyond this project.

Now, it’s up to you to plug in. Find your entry point to extend the network. Propagation starts with you. And, this subterranean flow mixing hip hop culture, electro and shoegaze (among others) might shift from ‘underground’ to ‘notorious’. You’ll find everything at hand here, profiles, web addresses and contacts… Just get on the grid with them and press play.

Music doesn’t have to be a matter of business. It’s a matter of a passion and passionate people. Are you? Then connect, spread, contaminate.”