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Tom De Geeter’s Top 5 Releases of 2012

Wir haben Tom De Geeter, den Chef des belgischen Labels Marathon Of Dope gebeten uns seine uns seine Top 5 Releases aus dem Jahr 2012 aufzulisten. Here we go…

Killer Mike – R.A.P. Music
Williams Street

El-P and Killer Mike team up and after “Pl3dge” a record that had to live up to my high expectations.

Once in a while something actually lives up to expectations. Productions and rasp are tight from beginning till end and great features. There’s no song that would be my song of the year from this album but it’s coherent which is something that almost never happens in terms of rap albums.

Hope to see more of them together in the future.

Sun Kil Moon – Among the Leaves
Caldo Verde Records

An amazing record that is definitely a tie with “R.A.P. Music” for 2012. Minimum instrumentation, most tracks just guitar and beautiful vocals. This kind of record sounds long in theory (17 songs) but still got me listening to it daily for several months.

This guy focusses on his songwriting, which is down to earth, honest and depressing. He tells stories within songs like no one else. Highly recommended and too bad there’s no vinyl edition. Listen to it with headphones!

Jack White – Blunderbuss
XL Recordings / Third Man Records

What can I say, it’s a Jack White album with the same title as one of the first John Smith records.

I saw him performing it live in Paris in june and it was by far the best show I’ve seen in 2012.

A hero and one of the most important artists this last decade.

Santigold – Master of My Make-Believe
Warner Music UK / Atlantic / Lizard King Records

I got this record for my birthday and though I was a big big fan of her previous full-length, it caught dust in my collection for a long time before I listened to it.

It’s amazing and in some ways even better then the “Santogold” record. The percussion and bass is so well mixed and dope to blow through a huge system. Definitely worth checking out.

Three Loco – Three Loco
Mad Decent

In a year of a lot of stupid and retarded records, this one stood out but in a good way. I like when rap is simple and production is clubby.
The reason that I’m putting this on my list is because a lot of other great rap records this year didn’t really stay interesting from start till end and had some corny songs in between the endless amount of tracks. This is 8 songs long and stays interesting all the way trough.