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Tiago Duarte’s Top 5 Releases of 2012

Tiago Duarte, Jahrgang 1987, wohnhaft in Paris, seines Zeichens Gründer des Labels Cooler Than Cucumbers Records hat uns seine persönlichen Top 5 Releases aus 2012 aufgelistet.

Frank Ocean – channel ORANGE
Island Def Jam Music Group

2012 was Frank Ocean’s, an open letter to his fans a week before his debut album gets released, his multiple featurings and his involvement with the Odd Future crew made for a busy year. He has proved that he has the guts to take on something of a greater musical scale and skyrocketed us next to him, being our own Pilot Jones. “channel Orange” boasts with a strong sense of storytelling and attention to lyrical detail, every piece (if not all connected together, share more than a few similar themes) has enough to make you dream sceneries and cinematographic visions. Not only lyrically rich, his album is also an exercice in transmitted emotions through a sumptuous layering of musical instruments and carefully crafted melodies. “Pyramids”, the 10 minute psychedelia journey throughout Ocean’s mind and heart is enough to make it one of 2012′s greatest musical moment, and if it’s not enough to convince you, watch his live performance of “Bad Religion” with an orchestra.

Bigg Jus – Machines That Make Civilization Fun

After a few years of musical hiatus, Bigg Jus comes back hard with “Machines That Make Civilization Fun”. A clear hit aiming at the jugular with this very dense, chaotic record bearing more than similarities with warfare soundtracking and apocalyptic rap. From the enumerated writing, yet poetic, to the very electric and urgent production, that he handled himself, Bigg Jus shows us why he was part of one of the greatest hip-hop bands that ever took a mic in earth territory. He multiplies the references to government propaganda, military operations and global control throught a set of sonic death notes with a pounding bass and end of the world horns. If the album is not easily accessible, the perseverance is well rewarded.

Kami De Chukwu – Light

New and upcoming emcee from the Chicago’s SAVEMONEY collective, Kami de Chukwu recently dropped his debut mixtape featuring a huge chunk of his Chicago fellas and a very surprising choice of production ranging from Jonwayne to Hudson Mohawke and J Dilla. Not only he’s able to rap perfectly on all these very rap unaccessible beats (I don’t think somebody rapped over Jonwayne’s Bowser I (Sigma Head)) but he delivers a lyrically enchanting performance bursting with play on words at every turn and a very versatile style. Since then, he’s been dropping even more impressive features on his SAVEMONEY’s cuts. No doubt that you’ll hear a lot more from him.

Lil Ugly Mane – Mista Thug Isolation

They call him america’s best secret, very few seem to know who he really is but he has somehow managed to create a cult of creepiness and darkness with an ever growing fanbase. Part or not part of the Raider Klan, Denzel Curry (aka Klan Raven / Raven Miyagi) is one of the two rappers he ever collaborated with (the other being Supa from SortaHuman). Cultivating a passion for cryptic and deconstructed beats often horrific, full of zombiesque-voice and out of this world napped synths orchestrations. Revival of Three Six Mafia and 90′s lo-fi rap gangsterism, his lyrics are carefully written in a scary way ranging from “bitch” rapping to drive-bys unclipping uzis. Take a trip inside this torturated genius mind, you might get rewarded with gulty intense pleasure.

FRKSE – Guilt Surveillance
Divergent Series/Time Lapse

FRKSE (read forks) did it again. Another minimal trip through a warfare of bashing drums and looped guitars. Everything on this record seems to crack and feels dusted. The very baked industrial noise magician cooked us one fine set of instrumentals songs that each live on their own in this abyssal ambiance he creates mixing organic demonic guitar and bass with carefully selected samples and his doom-like drums. The whole is a riveting experience of musical madness. Music to raise hell to.