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Godblesscomputers – About Freedom

Lorenzo Nada a.k.a. Godblesscomputers is a producer and beatmaker from Bologna. The friendly Italian provides us with insights about his production techniques, tells us how he got his quite unusual artist name and explains why too much freedom can become hindering. That’s why he states the fact that freedom is just “o.k.” – just as the name for his new EP on Equinox Records.

Furthermore we are proud to present you with an exclusive free download by none other than B-Ju. The German producer is known through releases on Error Broadcast and No Brainer Records and here he showcases his skills on a fantastic remix for Godblesscomputers.

DEAD: Please give our readers a brief introduction about who is „Godblesscomputers“. And please tell us why god should bless computers? How did you come up with that artist name?

I don’t want to give too much importance to technology itself…

Godblesscomputers: Godblesscomputers as a project was born in 2011, when I moved to Berlin following my artistic aspirations and I began a new personal path. I opened this blog ( and I started to write down some of my thoughts there, using it like a diary in a way. Contrary to what it might look like, the name’s idea doesn’t come from an idealization of computers as tools, I don’t want to give too much importance to technology itself, but instead from a connection between virtual identities and a more spiritual dimension. When I was walking alone on the streets of the metropolis many strangers passed me by towards whom I felt disconnected and alone, like a drop in the ocean. Through the computer, translating my thoughts into words, I was able to regain a more complete and complex sense of identity. In those days the computer felt like my only way out of anonymity, like an extension of my own identity, and I think that nowadays this might be pretty much universal. So, God bless identities.

DEAD: What does the title of your new EP “Freedom Is O.K.” mean?

We are not free. Freedom has a cost.

Godblesscomputers: I can find a lot of meanings to this title. ‘Freedom Is O.K.’ is a funny sentence because we use to take freedom as granted and to imagine it as an absolutely good thing. Freedom is OK means ‘freedom is nothing special’, because we can say we are free, but we’re not, in an absolute sense. What we don’t realize is that freedom has a cost. Sometimes, when we feel totally free, it’s more difficult to do something, because we have too many options which can paralyze our actions. While working on the album, I rediscovered some of Kierkegaard’s thoughts, and he said that by choosing something, you automatically negate all other possibilities, and in this sense you are not absolutely free. I find this very true, and if we want to relate this to music, we can say that sometimes total freedom can stop or somehow hinder the creative process.

DEAD: You released another EP earlier this year. Please tell us something about “Swanism”. Is there a difference to the tracks on “Freedom Is O.K.”?

Godblesscomputers: “Swanism” is the natural continuation of the previous EP ‘The Last Swan’, a sort of manifesto of my sound. The tracks on ‘Freedom is O.K.’ instead are smoother, darker and with a more ambient atmosphere, the sounds are definitely colder, so I feel like December is the perfect month to release it.

DEAD: Is there a special way how you approach doing songs? It seems some of your songs are based also on samples – do you usually start a new track with a sample?

Godblesscomputers: The strange, and if you want, funny thing is that the tracks we chose with Equinox Records are some of the few instances where I worked with samples as harmonic sections of the tune. When I use samples, sometimes I make them recognizable, to give new life to some tracks I love. Usually I play the melodies with a synth or a keyboard, instead of using a sampler. When I build my tracks, I usually start with the harmony, and not with the rhythmic section. I like to use some field recordings and organic sounds, to layer the rhythmic part. Then, once I have a clear idea of the tune, I work a lot on arrangement and structure, which I consider both fundamental in my creative process.

DEAD: You lived in Berlin for a while but now moved back to Italy if we are informed correctly. How does life in Berlin differ from where you live now?

Berlin is a place which either welcomes you fully or rejects you completely.

Godblesscomputers: This is a complicated question, as complex as the dynamics you find in the German capital. Berlin is a place which either welcomes you fully or rejects you completely, depending on your ability to adapt to the environment. I personally never felt out of context, in part because of the multicultural feel the city has, in part because I think I have a lot experiences to share, and a lot of things to absorb. Now, after some time, I moved back to Italy, and I live in Bologna, a city I like to call a miniature Berlin, but with better weather. Bologna is a comfortable city, very lively and open-minded, especially because of the University, and the amount of foreigners living there. I think I found my place there, but I doubt this will be my final destination.

DEAD: What are your future plans? Are you working on an album release?

Godblesscomputers: Right now I’d like to focus on promoting my new work ‘Freedom is O.K.’, and play it live as much as possible. Obviously I will continue to make new beats, but this is not news, it’s always been like that.

DEAD: Any last words?

Godblesscomputers: I’d like to thank the people who supported me, and will continue to do it. I know it’s a banal thing to say, but I couldn’t find better words.

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godblesscomputers – green flowers (b-ju remix)

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