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Moshe (Milled Pavement Records)

Aktuelle Top 10 Releases (Stand: September 2012)

C Money Burns: “Friends With Money” (Milled Pavement, 2012)
Lorn: “Ask The Dust” (Ninja Tune, 2012)
Bare: “Ursa Major EP” (Subhuman, 2012)
Eprom: “Metahuman” (Rwina Records, 2012)
Mister Six: “Full Force EP” (Self-released, 2010)
Bong: “She Said” (Rottun Recordings, 2012)
Muk: “Dutty Gal EP” (Bassclash, 2012)
Badklaat: “Break Mode” (Quebolarecords, 2012)
Touch & The Dirty Sample: “The Fly” (Neferiu Records, 2012)
La Mauvaise Humeur: “Eponymous” (Milled Pavement Records, 2012)
Foto(s): Evan Smith,