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20 Stories Later Remix Contest

Listen to the first remixes here:

Misanthrop X Aqua Luminus III. X 2Mex X Ceschi X James P Honey

“20 Stories Later” is a great track on the recently released “6 Years Later” EP by the two producers Misanthrop & Aqua Luminus III. which you can listen to here:

Misanthrop & Aqua Luminus III. – 20 Stories Later (feat. 2Mex, Ceschi & James P Honey)

Though the majority of the EP is instrumental, “20 Stories Later” features three of the dopest underground emcees – and we are now giving everyone the opportunity to take the acapella and remix this song. Whether you are working with samples or electronic instruments – we are already excited about what kind of remixes we will get for this song!

Taking part in this remix contest is very easy: Equinox Records put up the original song as well as the acapella on their bandcamp page where you can easily download the files in any kind of format you need and start with your remix. Then, you only have to send in your remix within the given time frame (Deadline is October 19th, 2012) and it’s up to the jury to decide who will win this!

Take care,
DEAD Magazine & Equinox Records.

Listen to and download the original track and acapella right here:

Here is what you need to know to enter the contest:

The original song and the acapella are 64 bpm!

Rules to enter the contest:

  • Deadline is October 19th, 2012
  • Send your remix as high res mp3 to contest@e-q-x.net as e-mail attachment.
    Please let us know your artist name, real name and where you are from (City and Country).
  • Please name your file 20_stories_later_your_artist_name_remix.mp3
    to make handling a bit easier for us
  • Please do NOT post your remix anywhere online until the contest is over! If you do, you will be eliminated from the contest!
  • Winner will be chosen by Misanthrop, Aqua Luminus III. as well as the Equinox Records and DEAD Magazine staff and will be announced a few days after the end of the contest.

We will already select our favourite remixes and Equinox Records will post them as a set at
http://www.soundcloud.com/deadmagazine to let the public weigh in with their opinion.


  • Best remixes will be released on a forthcoming digital (or maybe physical) release on Equinox Records or DEAD Magazine or the Equinox sublabel Equinox.Digital
  • First place will receive copy #100 of 100 of our latest DEAD Magazine compilation “DEADbeats Vol.1” that we had kept aside, plus a vinyl copy of the 6 Years Later EP that contains the original track, plus 1 more vinyl release from the Equinox back catalogue at free choice (if available, archive copies excluded).
  • 2nd place will receive a free vinyl copy of the new EP by Misanthrop & Aqua Luminus III.
  • shares from the digital download sales if the release will be for sale

What you can do with your remix (when the contest is over):

  • You can promote your remix and offer it as a free download anywhere and at any place you want.
  • The only thing that is not possible is to release it commercially in any way – such as on a cd that is for sale, a download that is for sale or licencing of any kind. To release or use it commercially is also possible, but you need to contact us in advance please.
  • Make sure that the track is still listed as a track by Misanthrop & Aqua Luminus III. as the original artist – Unfortunately, the name get’s quite long but please name it like this: Misanthrop & Aqua Luminus III. – 20 Stories Later (feat. 2Mex, Ceschi & James P Honey) (Your Name Remix). Therefore, it also cannot be officially released on an album under your name – even if the album is for free download.
  • Credits: make sure that you credit the song (e.g. in the description of your soundcloud stream) correctly as Misanthrop & Aqua Luminus III. being the original composer and 2Mex, Ceschi & James P Honey as writers of the song and that it was a remix done for a remix contest by Equinox Records and DEAD Magazine