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Glen Porter

Aktuelle Top 10 Releases (Stand: August 2012)

Shapes Have Fangs: “Dinner in the Dark” (The Reverberation Appreciation Society, 2011)
Paul Cary: “Ghost of a Monster” (Stankhouse Records, 2009)
Monster Rally: “Beyond the Sea” (Gold Robot Records, 2012)
The UFO Club: “The UFO Club/Night Beats (split 10″)” (The Reverberation Appreciation Society, 2011)
Manitas De Plata: “Flamenco on Fire” (Mastersong, 2000)
Still Corners: “Remember Pepper?” (Self Released, 2008)
Al Lover: “Austin Psych Fest 2012 Mixtape” (Self Released, 2012)
Void Pedal: “Pair of L” (Fieldwerk Recordings, 2012)
Richard Swift: “Walt Wolfman” (Secretly Canadian, 2011)
Demon’s Claw: “The Defrosting Of…” (In The Red Recordings, 2010)