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Funken (The Fox Heads)

Aktuelle Top 10 Releases (Stand: Juli 2012)

Beak>: “Beak>>” (Invada, 2012)
A Band Of Buriers: “Filth” (Decorative Stamp, 2012)
The Modern Lovers: “Live at the Longbranch and More”  (Last Call, 1998)
Talking Heads: “More Songs About Buildings and Food” (Warner, 1978)
Gable: “Cute Horse Cut” (Loaf, 2011)
Trini Lopez: “ More Trini Lopez Live at PJ’s” (Warner, 1964)
Elizabeth Cotten: “Live!” (Arhoolie Records, 2004)
The Dictaphione: ”Let’s Not” (Cocktail Pueblo, 2012)
Piano Chat: ”Nous (E.P)” (Thore Single Club, 2012)
Mathieu Boogaerts: ”Michel” (Tôt ou Tard, 2005)