deadwords » interviews 07.07.2012
DEADbeats Vol.1 / Die Künstler / 2econd Class Citizen

2econd Class Citizen droppte kürzlich nicht nur eine weitere EP und seinen zweiten Longplayer über Equinox Records, sondern ist auch mi einem Track auf unserer Compilation vertreten. Der sympathische Engländer stand uns für das Mini-Interview gerne Rede und Antwort…

DEAD: Who is 2econd Class Citizen?

2econd Class Citizen: Im a Music producer/listener/sampler but I like a great deal more things too such as watching films, bike riding, mother nature, walking, football, cats, dogs, fish and chips, coffee, etc.

DEAD: Since when do you produce and how did you come across making music?

2econd Class Citizen: Been producing since early around 2001 I think. It was a natural progression from DJing.

DEAD: What does progressive HipHop mean to you?

2econd Class Citizen: Anything which is moving forward and evolving appeals to me. I guess that’s what the term means. Certain styles come and go and they are good when they’re around and will always represent a moment in time but our natural instinct is to evolve that’s what everything is meant to do right?

DEAD: Any other things that DEAD Magazine readers should know about 2CC?

2econd Class Citizen: Yeah. I’m looking forward to some new projects!