deadwords » interviews 04.07.2012
DEADbeats Vol.1 / Die Künstler / Factor

Graham Factor, der Samplejongleur von Fake Four Inc. und Side Road Records, ist für den Opener auf DEADbeats Vol. 1 verantwortlich. Kurz und auf den Punkt gebracht beantwortete uns der Mann aus Saskatoon/Kanada unseren kleinen Fragenkatalog und lässt seine Musik für sich sprechen…

DEAD: Who is Factor?

Factor: Factor chandelier is a producer / beatmaker / Dj and professional brainstormer.

DEAD: Since when do you produce and how did you come across making music?

Factor: Started djing in 98 and making mixtapes … From there it was a natural progression to production in 2000 … Been making beats and producing ever since.

DEAD: What does progressive HipHop mean to you?

Factor: Hiphop that is original, forward moving with change and experimentation.

DEAD: Any other things that DEAD Magazine readers should know about Factor?

Factor: Check me out at factorchandelier.com … Shout Out: DEAD Mag, Fake Four, Side Road, Club Soda, Vodka, Lemon, Cracked Pepper Olive Oil Triscuts, Tomatos, Bikes, Dogs, High tolerance and memory loss.