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DEADbeats Vol.1 / Die Künstler / Andreikelos

Andreikelos, die personifizerte Puppe, der, der seine Nachbarn mit lauter Musik nervt, der das progressive Denken als Bestandteil eines jeden gesunden Menschenverstandes sieht – und nicht zuletzt der, der auch auf unserer DEADbeats Vol. 1 Compilation vertreten ist.

DEAD: Who is Andreikelos?

Andreikelos: Just your next door, hard working neighbor, who’s driving you crazy with some loud stuff, right after work!

As for the name, this actually is kind of a word play since the real word is “Andreikelo” which means “dummy” or “puppet” and is neutral. But when the “s” is added at the end, this non existing word becomes a person. An “It” that became self-aware and self-conscious… It was the way I felt in my teen years and just got stuck with it ever since.

DEAD: Since when do you produce and how did you come across making music?

Andreikelos: I began making beats in 1996 when my rap band “Apokalypsis” was born. And though my style has evolved a lot since then, I feel that those first steps are still present in my music.

The way I came across making music has many parameters, but it was basically my surrounding since all of the family members (which were all older than me) had something to do with music, even if it was in a non-professional way… >From my mother’s singing to my father’s multi-instrument talents (bouzouki, drums and guitar amongst) and my older brother’s death metal band, music and a variety of musical equipment were always around. So I guess it came natural.

DEAD: What does progressive Hip Hop mean to you?

Andreikelos: Progressive Hip-Hop… though some think of this as another musical genre, I think it’s all about progressive thinking and evolution – the very nature of every healthy-thinking human being. It may seem like something specific at this time, but eventually, today’s progressive hip-hop will be tomorrow’s “classic” style of its decade, so I’m always on the lookout for the future progressive sound ;) Let’s not forget the first time the so-called “trip-hop” came around and many filed this under “experimental”. 20 years later the debate is between instrumental hip-hop or trip-hop or plain electronica… surely not “experimental” anymore. This term is now used for other styles which will, in turn, be filed as something of their own.

But, just for the sake of this conversation, I’d like to give props to the – in my opinion – progressive heads that come in my mind when I hear this term today, such as Alias, Sadistik, Sole, 2econd Class Citizen and so on… They surely have inspired me lately.

DEAD: Any other things that DEAD Magazine readers should know about Andreikelos?

Andreikelos: My new EP entitled “Euryphaessa” is coming out next month on Equinox Records… It would be nice if people dig this and also help by spreading the word :) Besides that, for further info, music, etc. please visit my website. Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks!
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