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Kalhex – Everything is sampled

After their self-titled debut album “Kalhex”, the french trio came up with some new music in april 2012 – the limited 12″ called “Perspective​(​s) / La Fine Ligne” which features Grap Luva and Rob-O (of InI). Kalhex answered us a few questions about the band history, and gave some interesting insights about the process of making the new record.

DEAD: Please tell me, in a short version: Who is Kalhex?

Kalhex: Kalhex is Parental (DJ/Producer), Le Makizar (MC) & Lex (MC). We’re from Paris, France and formed the group in 2007. In 2008, we created our own label, Akromégalie Records. Our first CD album (“Kalhex”) came out in 2009. Last Year Lex released a solo instrumental 2xLP and we’re now putting out our new single 12″ featuring Grap Luva & Rob-O (of InI). Our first album should also be pressed in Vinyl by HHV.DE very soon with bonus material.

DEAD: How do you came to making music, and why do you do HipHop?

I love to make and listen to HipHop because of it’s openness.

Parental: I started to produce in 2006 for fun with Traktor DJ Studio. We used to blend drumloops and samples together. Then, music became more serious so I changed my equipment. I’m now using essentially Magix Music Maker, a really simple software that allow us to do what we’re searching for: Good music! I love to make and listen to HipHop because of it’s openness. I love the fact to mix all kind of vibes to create my own touch.

Le Makizar: I came to make music, at first for fun and because it was a way to relax after a hard time of work. After I realised that it was a way to express myself and share with people this passion. It become serious when I met Parental and Lex. I choose HipHop for those beautiful fusion we have and we can make with Jazz and Soul.

Lex: I started to rhyme just for fun with friends in 2005. Then we tried to do our own beats with my brother (Parental) so I took it more seriously. I was very influenced at the time by Wu-Tang, Kev Brown or Gangstarr. The more we produced, the more we discovered ourselves in terms of identity and sensibility. People like Pete Rock, Fat Jon, Kan Kick changed my way of producing and consider instrumental HipHop. More than just a part of a rap song, instrumental to me is a way to share with listeners what I like, what I imagine and what I feel. I try to make them travel and escape through music the same way I do it when I listen to some Free-Jazz or Jazz-Fusion stuff. So, Hiphop and more precisely music is just a tool to express myself.

DEAD: What’s the difference between your old and the new album?

Kalhex: Actually we produce a lot. Everyday since 2006. We probably have thousand of beats and many joints but it takes time to release an album and to be really satisfied. Our first album was recorded essentially between 2007 and 2008. Of course we changed our way to produce, to write. We listen more carefully to samples, to records and we know much more what we’re searching for. We use a lot of drumbreaks. Searching for what artists that we like sampled helped us to build our culture and find our own sound signature.

DEAD: Is your music completely based on samples? Do you play any instruments yourself?

Sampling is an art and we try to use it as a tool, as an instrument.

Kalhex: Everything is sampled. Sampling is an art and we try to use it as a tool, as an instrument. It’s crazy when you manage to combine records, sounds, styles. But we’re starting to add some instruments now (guitar, basslines, flutes…) thanks to our close friends.

DEAD: Any last words?

Kalhex: Thanks to DEAD Magazine for your support and interest. Watch out for our new single 12″ featuring Grap Luva & Rob-O : 2 exclusive tracks coming with their Instrumental and Acapella versions + 2 Bonus beats. More to come…