deadwords » interviews 05.06.2012
DEADbeats Vol.1 / Die Künstler / Krts

Im Rahmen der DEADbeats Vol.1 stellen wir alle Künstler die darauf vertreten sind mit einem Mini-Interview vor. Den Anfang macht ein sympathischer Produzent, der auf dem Berliner Label Project:Mooncircle beheimatet ist: Krts

DEAD: Who is Krts?

Krts: Krts is simply – Kurtis minus the vowels. I got sick and tired of trying to think up of cool names that described my style when my style is just, “whatever comes to mind”.

DEAD: Since when do you produce and how did you come across making music?

Krts: I’ve been creating music since I was a child. Didn’t start working on laying down tracks till I was around 12 or 13 years-old. I find that since I was a child my style of making music or the formula of making music hasn’t changed. I actually have no formula.

DEAD: What does progressive HipHop mean to you?

Krts: Progressive Hiphop? Well, I guess to me it’s just moving forward with the genre and exploring it’s endless possibilities. I think we’re progressing now with it by taking a few steps back. Simple rhymes, 808′s, vintage synths and beat machines, and things like that. Then, we’re exploring what we could do further adding our advanced technology. So, Hiphop is always progressing. Especially in the underground genres.

DEAD: Any other things that DEAD Magazine readers should know about Krts?

Krts: I can’t think of anything anyone should know about me. However, if there is anything someone does get to know about me; I hope it’s something positive.