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Sleeper (iD & Sleeper, Mush)

Aktuelle Top 10 Alben (Stand: Februar 2012):

Sonic Youth: “Daydream Nation” (Geffen, 1994)
The Misfits: “Static Age” (Caroline, 2000)
The Accused: “Martha Splatterhead’s Maddest Stories Ever Told” (Import, 2006)
Reagan Youth: “Youth Anthems for the New Order” (R Radical Records, 1984)
Dinosaur Jr.: “You’re Living All Over Me” (SST Records, 1987)
Godflesh: “Godflesh” (Swordfish Records, 1988)
My Bloody Valentine: “Loveless”  (Creation Records, 1991)
OM: “Pilgrimage” (Southern Lord, 2007)
Sole: “Man’s Best Friend 2″ (Self Released, 2003)
The Dead Milkmen: “Big Lizard in My Backyard” (Restless Records, 1985)