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Moshe (Milled Pavement Records)

Aktuelle Top 10 Releases (Stand: November 2011)

Eprom: “Humanoid EP” (Rwina Records, 2010)
Daladubz: “Stainless EP” (Abducted Records, 2011)
Bratkilla: “Violent Crayon” (Betamorph Recordings, 2010)
Groundislava: “Book of Tech” (Not on Label, 2011)
Joel Siméus & Smokey 131: “No Rules No Frames” (Postrap, 2011)
Ancient Mith: “Braden Smith & The Walrus Nose EP” (Ponowai Flora, 2010)
Brzowski: “A Fitful Sleep” (Milled Pavement Records, 2011)
A Band of Buriers: “A Band of Buriers” (Decorative Stamp, 2011)
Cheveu: “1000 Mille” (Born Bad Records, 2011)
Son of Kick: “Revolution ABC EP” (Way Way Records, 2010)