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10 Tips On How To Be Cool by Th’ Mole

Th’ Mole ist ziemlich cool, und ich meine wirklich cool. Nicht nur, dass er ein ziemlich netter Mensch zu sein scheint, die wohl unterhaltsamste und quirligste Musik seit Jahren macht und als DJ 0.000001 (one millionth) auch noch die verdrehtesten Mixes abliefert, Th’ Mole ist zudem gut erzogen und macht sich Gedanken über seine Mitmenschen und das bessere Miteinanderleben. Das hören wir auf seinem Track “How To Be Cool”, den er uns für die aktuelle DEAD Compilation gegeben hat, und das können wir zudem hier nachlesen: 10 Tipps von unserem neuen Lieblings-Amerikaner.

10 Tips On How To Be Cool by Th’ Mole

1. When you’re shopping don’t just leave your groceries on the checkout counter while you shop. There are other people in the world besides yourself.

2. When driving, try to stay out of the fast/passing lanes unless you need to be there. You have the ability to reduce a lot of traffic, simply by letting faster cars pass you. When passing do it quickly and then get into a slower lane as soon as possible. (Even if you’re at or above the speed limit, let people pass you if they want – you’re not the freaking boss of the road, okay?)

3. Tell your parental figures all of the things that you’ve ever been afraid to tell them, or as many of them as you can stand. Because it will help both you and them to evolve.

4. Exercise every day. It keeps you healthy and makes you strong! Also, it will make you feel happier, and then you will be nicer!

5. Don’t try to talk to someone while they’re performing on-stage. Even if they’re just staring at a computer, your intrusion may disrupt their performance. Also, just because someone is rapping on-stage, it doesn’t mean that it’s an open mic or a battle, so if you aren’t scheduled to perform, don’t try to.

6. Let your friends, relatives, co-workers, employees, employers, etc. know that you appreciate and/or respect them, whether it is with words, eye contact, hugs, or otherwise.

7. Babies are great, but if you decide to have one then you also have a responsibility. When you’re in a restaurant or theatre or something, and that thing starts crying, take it outside. I don’t care if it’s cold and raining; you should have known what you were getting into when you added another human to this overpopulated planet.

8. Also about babies, change your child’s diaper as soon as it needs it. Don’t try to play it off like you don’t notice the poop smell,
especially when you’re in a public place. It’s gross and inconsiderate. The same goes for letting your snot-nosed kids run
around in public dripping snot all over stuff. We don’t want your kid’s disease.

9. One final parental note: don’t yell at your kids in public. I don’t think you should yell at them at home either, but unfortunately that’s not my jurisdiction. But when your verbal abuse becomes a public nuisance then you definitely need to shut the fuck up.

10. Get to know your enemies. Decide who you hate or fear the most in your life, and learn about their history and culture until you can understand their motives. :)
Published in DEAD Magazine Issue VI
Credits: Autor: Th' Mole